Antiochian Orthodox Church in the Philipines

Sts. Peter and Paul Vicariate, Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines


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Holy Baptism

Any adult person who receive a knowledge about Orthodoxy via Catechism course, never been baptised in other church and able to become an orthodox christian can receive the sacrament of Holy Baptism. 

Also, the sacrament available for kids any age who was born in orthodox family.

Baptism also available for sectarian christian who already was been baptised but their sect formula is different from orthodox formula. It can be pentecostals, baptists, mormons, adventists, methodists, etc.


Any adult who was been already baptised in other christian church (Roman Catholic, IFI, Lutheran, Anglican) should be chrismated to Orthodoxy. 

Church wedding

For couple who are orthodox and want to be married in church, we providing Church wedding.


Person who lived in orthodox life and passed away, will be accepted for funeral service.

Service for a sick

For sicking orthodox person awailable special service for sick


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