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Holy Family is the project of Antiochian Orthodox Church to build a monastery, chapel and seminary with small factory in same place, together with other small projects inside. In Australia we have Antiochian Village, and Holy Family will be smaller in place, but bigger in things place for clergy and people who wants to improve their knowledge and faith in Orthodoxy in the Philippines.

In general, Holy Family is the icon which consists of the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Usually to this icon good to pray about family stuffs, confess sins, and ask about Salvation. This blessed icon will give His grace, and we want to place it in our future project as one of the main icons.

We looking for a place now, and we prefer to start this project near of sea, in peaceful and beautiful place like Camarines Norte, Batangas or Quezon province, so people from Manila and other places can come and pray easily.

Holy Family project will contein:

  • Holy Family Chapel for ptaying and Liturgy. For now Holy Family chapel temporary is in Novaliches, QC, and will be able to move to permanent place
  • Monastery with dormitories - part for women, and part for men
  • Classrooms - one for seminarists and one for other needs
  • Small farm for planting vegetables and fruits, and caring animals
  • Places for small factory - we can make vestments, icons, books and other church needs

What we need for it:

  • Land at least 1000 sqm in province area
  • Funds and matherials for building

Soon we will public information about our progress. If you want to donate for this project, contact us. God bless!

Official website of the Holy Family Orthodox Church:


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