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Sts. Peter and Paul Vicariate, Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

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Orthodoxy means "right opinion" in translation from Greek language. Orthodox Church is the second-largest Christian church after Roman Catholics. Orthodox Church often calling as Eastern Orthodox Church, because Roman Catholic often calling Western Christianity.

The Orthodox Church is a communion of 15 autocephalous regional churches:

  1. Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  2. Patriarchate of Alexandria
  3. Patriarchate of Antioch
  4. Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  5. Patriarchate of Russia
  6. Serbian Patriarchate
  7. Patriarchate of Bulgaria
  8. Patriarchate of Romania
  9. Patriarchate of Georgia
  10. Church of Greece
  11. Church of Cyprus
  12. Orthodox Church of Albania
  13. Orthodox Church in America
  14. Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia
  15. Orthodox Church of Poland

Antiochian Orthodox Church (AOC) in the Philippines is the Mission of the Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, also known as Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch which is placed on the 3-d place in the list of Orthodox churches.

AOC was founded in Antioch by the Apostles Peter and Paul. Interesting to know that Roman Catholic church was founded later, after Antiochian church, by the Apostle Peter. For now Antiochian and Roman Catholic church still in the communion relationship what means that members of both churches can attend Liturgy (Mass) of each other and receive Holy Sacraments.

Orthodox basis:

  • Person receiving salvation by faith, good deals based on the faith, and by Church. Joining Orthodox Church is the one part of the way to Salvation
  • Bible is the most important book to learn, and following traditions are not less important
  • Every orthodox christian receiving Communion in 2 forms - Holy Blood and Body (Wine and bread)

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